Below are answers to some of the questions that are commonly asked by first time customers. Should you have more questions on our services after reading the questions and answers below, kindly contact our support team which will be happy to respond to any questions that you might have.

How does affordablecustomwriting.com work?

At affordablecustomwriting.com, we offer our clients an east route to be successful in their studies. As can be seen on how it works process, all that a client has to do is to fill in the order form, make payments and then relax as our experienced custom writers complete the task within the set timeline. Once you have all the required information and files regarding the order, you can then proceed to place the order. The process has five main phases as explained below


Placing the order – The process starts when you click the order now link and you proceed to place your order by filling the order form

Specify paper instruction – During the ordering process, you will specify the instructions of the paper and even attach any files that are relevant to the study. It is important that you give sufficient details about the essay paper or assignment so that the write who will be assigned the task has a clear understanding of what the task requires.

Make payments – Once you have specified the order instructions, the next phase involves making the payments. At affordablecustomwriting.com, payments are processed mainly via Moneybookers (Skrill) or PayPal. The reason why that is the case is mainly due to the fact that the two money processers are the safest money processing tools at the moment.

Writer is assigned – Once we have received the payments, the writer’s department will then review your order and ensure that it is assigned to an experienced writer who has the required skills in order to ensure that the task is completed is of high quality, is 100% original, and is completed in a timely manner.

Paper is completed and emailed to client – Once the writer has finished working on the task, the completed task is passed on to the quality audit team who reviews the paper and ensure that it is of high quality before it is emailed to the writer.

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Can you assure me that no one will get to know that I used your services?

At affordablecustomwriting.com we take confidentiality of our clients very seriously and we have put various measures in order to ensure that the contract that our clients enter with us is on confidential basis. We never share our clients’ details with any third parties.

How can I pay for the services offered?

Affordablecustomwriting.com liaises with two leading money processors that include Skrill and PayPal in order to guarantee secure and swift payments. Both Skrill and PayPal are highly esteemed as they have processed millions of payments for the last few decades that they have been in operations. In case you feel that you want to know more about PayPal or Skrill, please visit the companies official webpages.


What are some of the factors that determine the price that one ends up paying?

When it comes to the final price that the client ends up paying, various factors come into play. To begin with, the level of the education determines the price. For example, the price per page for a high school paper will be lower while compared to the price per page for a PHD level paper. The other factor entails the urgency of the task as tasks that have shorter deadlines tend to be busy.

Is the 15% Discount applicable to all orders?

Yes, the 15% discount that Affordablecustomwriting.com offers to its students is applicable to all orders that are placed through the order page. The discount is automatically calculated and taken off from the final price. We noted that it is ideal to have the discount automatically calculated rather than give students a code since in most cases students tend to forgot to put the codes as they might be in a hurry when placing the order.

Is the work completed original?

Any work that is completed by Affordablecustomwriting.com writers is 100% original. We understand that it is paramount the work is 100% authentic and we thus use various software in order to scan any work prior to sending the work to the client as that ensures that the client does not have to worry about plagiarism.

What happens if I am not fully satisfied with the paper?

In the unlikely situation that you are not fully satisfied with the paper that you will receive from us, you can ask for the paper to be revised for unlimited times as long as the revision requirements are in line with the instructions given when placing the order for the first time. Indeed, if you change the instructions, we will charge you a fee as the writer will be required to write a new paper.

I am not sure whether your writers can be able to write the paper that I require

It is common for our clients to not be certain whether our writers are capable of completing the task according to the specified instructions. If you happen to be wondering whether your paper can be completed by our writers, we advise that you first contact our customer support as they can be able to pass the paper instructions to the writers department and get a swift response on whether our writers can complete the work or not.

What is your money back guarantee?

Affordablecustomwriting.com strives to ensure that the customers will be fully satisfied with the services offered. However, in the unfortunate situation that we are able to provide you with a custom paper as ordered, we promise to refund all the money that has been paid for the order. Please refer to our terms and conditions page to read more about our refund policy.

Who writes my paper?

Affordablecustomwriting.com writers are graduates from different universities around the world. Thus, we have many writers on our database who have the qualifications required to complete your task. If you already have an ID of a writer whom you wish to complete the task for you as you have already been satisfied with the writer’s work in the past, you should specify that in the order instructions. Unlike other companies that charge you an extra fee for having a preferred writer, affordablecustomwriting.com does not charge you any extra fee.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us through LIVE chat, Skype, phone, or by sending us a message through the contact us section. You can also send us an email to info(@)affordablecustomwriting.com.


Do I own the paper that you write for me?

Affordablecustomwriting.com does not resell any of the custom papers that it writes for its clients. Thus, once the paper has been completed and emailed to the client, the client becomes the owner of the paper.

I have not received my paper and the deadline is already past. What should I do?

At affordablecustomwriting.com we always ensure that the task is completed on time. In case you find that you are yet to receive the paper after the deadline has passed, we always advice that you contact our LIVE Support or send us an email. However, prior to contacting us, we recommend that you check your junk/spam emails since in most cases, the email we send you with the completed task could end up in junk mail.

Can I See samples of the papers that you have done in the past?

By clicking on the samples link, you will be able to find some of the sample of work done by our writers.

My deadline is only a couple of hours, can you help?

If you feel that the deadline of the paper is too close, we always advise that you contact our LIVE support first since they can be able to find out whether we have writers available to complete the task within the set deadline or can suggest the alternative deadline when the paper can be completed.

How can I contact the writer?

Once you have placed the order, you will be able to contact the writer through the membership page. In addition, you will also be able to send the write any additional files or instructions via the membership page. However, if you happen to be in a situation where you cannot access the membership page, you can contact our support team and give them the message which they will pass to the writer.

I still have more questions

If you want to know more about our custom writing services, please feel free to contact us. Our competent support team will adequately respond to any questions that you have